Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Thursday, January 20, 2011

5 Keys to Making Long Distance Relationships Work

Simply put, long distance relationships are challenging. Distance makes it difficult to sustain an emotional and physical connection with your partner. It can also bring out insecurities in one or both partners. For reasons such as these, the odds are truly stacked against those of you who go head to head with the one-eyed distance monster.

If you are going to give a long distance relationship a shot, try using the following techniques to ensure that your relationship has a decent chance at lasting.

Tip # 1: Tell your partner what your long-term goal is for the relationship, and ask him or her to share the same. Marriage? Living together? Living in the same city? Be clear from the beginning.

Tip # 2: Have a “Fears Discussion.” Tell your partner “I’m kind of afraid if we live apart for too long that you might…or that I might…” Again, ask your partner to share his or her fears. This is how intimacy develops.

Tip # 3: Create set times to communicate on the phone.

Tip # 4: Arrange a visiting schedule that will allow you to see each other regularly and stick to this schedule.

Tip # 5: Be honest if you start feeling disconnected from your partner, and ask your partner to share the same feelings if he or she has the same feelings – at that point or ever!

Again, these relationships aren’t easy, but nobody said that true love is a walk in the park. Arm yourself with good coping skills and you will be better off in the end - in your long distance relationship, as well as all of your other relationships in life.

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Zarina said...

Long Distance Relationship
I was prepared for it. We were business associates before making a commitment. At the beginning it was just the net and telephone to connect us. He always have time to talk to me every single day. I even go further by accepting to live in his country, bring up his 3 kids as my own. He was dying to see me (as what he claims)
The first visit to his country after our relationship started was a total disaster.
- He promised but he did not take me to see his family.. never introduced. He called it circumstances which cannot be avoided. I accepted.
I was there for 3 weeks for our mutual business, he come to see me 1-2 hours in 2-3 days. He claimed to be very busy and never spend the night with me.
So when I went back home I had second thoughts. When I imply this to him he was mad. A person who is ever so loving starts to be someone insulting, hurting etc.
We broke up - he came back.
All questions left unanswered but he told me that I doubted him, that is why he is mad.
I wish there was no room for doubts so that I won't.
Now we are still trying to put the pieces together..no promises..no plans..according to him we should put all behind us and continue. I can't gulp it all up when there are so many questions left unanswered.
I guess the love is there and we will let time decide.
Honestly speaking I am not so keen anymore. I was prepared to sacrifice my life and home and migrate to an unknown place because I trusted him..but now I am not sure I should. I had a bad marriage ..alone for 14 years till he came along. It was not easy for me to love somebody and I am willing to try to keep him.
But .. I really don’t know if I should take this bold step anymore.

Marta JaƂocha said...

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