Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Sunday, July 6, 2014

POP CULTURE: New Film "Tammy" Oozes Caricatures, Ugh!

I love Melissa McCarthy as a comic. Having seen her interviewed, she also strikes me as an incredibly smart and likable woman. (To this point, I recently sent a tweet: "Is Melissa McCarthy perhaps the most likable woman on the planet?"). Well, that was pre-"Tammy." It's for these reasons that I found the new film so dreadful.

Aside from the fact that "Tammy" was pretty darn boring, it's also off-putting and simply not very smart. McCarthy joking to a male suitor that he smells "like a cookie," plus shot after shot of McCarthy doing physical comedy that accentuates her obesity, probably sum up the reasons why I saw several moviegoers in my audience get up and walk out.

With many of McCarthy's television and film choices, I see what I imagine is part of her agenda: to show female characters who can be both overweight and sexual (something we rarely, if ever saw before), as well as characters who are outspoken and unafraid. But with "Tammy" - which McCarthy cowrote! - we see so many pathetic stereotypes regurgitated again and again.

Melissa, you truly are a comedic gem. Next time, more cleverness please in place of the fat-people, potty humor that defines this last film!

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