Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Sunday, September 25, 2011

What a Bad Economy Does to Men

Simply put, men + a bad economy = problems.

Men tend to internalize what is going economically in the larger culture. They identify themselves as providers, so the ability to provide for others is one of their primary needs. If this need goes unfulfilled, they will feel anxious, preoccupied, and, at times, even depressed. When things are going well economically, life for men is usually good. During such periods, they feel secure in their jobs, their bank account is increasing, and they feel confident in their ability to financially provide for their families in housing and educating their children.

HOWEVER, when things go poorly economically, they feel insecure about their ability to provide for others and, overall, they will feel insufficient. In such circumstances, men tend to feel anxious and emasculated, and often self-medicate with over-eating or drinking or smoking too much. Additionally, they often suffer from irritable mood because they feel a loss of control.

When the economy is in rough shape, circumstances for men are exacerbated by the fact that men aren’t good at asking for help. So, when they need to vent the most and need to ask for help, they sabotage themselves. Ultimately, if you are the man who feels overwhelmed, talk to someone openly about it. Releasing it will make it (a little) better. If the man is someone in your life whom you love and care about, let him know that you are there to offer support. Sometimes all anyone needs is a shoulder to cry on!

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