Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Seth Meyers, Clinical Psychologist

Monday, June 21, 2010


Find Love in Unexpected Places

Single clients frequently complain that they have difficulties meeting prospective partners. Many people tell me that they are not comfortable in bars and are not interested in online dating.

If that is the case, where can singles go to meet the man or woman of their dreams?

Do you have an undeveloped passion that you have always wanted to pursue? Consider joining a group that shares your interest (a community tennis league, a meditation group, a book club). Meeting new people with similar interests of either gender will expand your social circle and romantic horizons. The more relaxed pace of summer months may allow you to take a class and pursue photography, yoga, or that CPR certification you have always wanted.

And don’t rule out volunteer service as a way to meet others. Check you local township’s website for possibilities. My local community’s website lists a plethora of community service organizations, ethnic heritage festivals, and animal welfare initiatives. You may meet someone close to home who also shares similar values.


Bart said...

All good tips, and to add to this I'd say you can meet people everywhere. In the park. In the supermarket. Down at the local coffeeshop. Sure, it'll take some courage to strike up a conversation. But practice makes perfect.

The trouble I have with joining yoga, is that meeting the perfect partner is really a numbers game. So join yoga because you like it. Not to meet the 15 people that are in that class, because the chance of finding your soulmate is pretty slim. Instead just start to become more open and talk to anyone, from the cleaner to the barista's at your local Starbucks.

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